— Bass-baritone —

Recent thoughts...

One of my oldest friends of mine sent me a wonderful little bit of writing her recent experiences this weekend with our healing country. I was too moved by our connection over something so simple not to share it with you: 

A long, long time ago, in high school, you gave me a set of beautiful tapered candles. I've had them ever since, packing them up and taking them place to place, but never burning them because they were so special to me: they were from Dashon!

Tonight I organized a large group of friends to attend a vigil at the White House, responding to the horrible hate and tragedy in Charlottesville yesterday. I had a few candles packed and ready to go, but as more and more people arrived (or said they would meet me there), ALL without candles of their own it became clear: I would have to use Dashon's beautiful candles.

I didn't just burn them, I broke them in half to make four medium candles, which meant four more people could partake. I was sad to see them go. It was hard to break them so roughly, but this was right.

I couldn't keep them forever: that's silly and wasteful. Still, I thought you'd like to know that they shed a far more beautiful light tonight, as we stood outside the White House, singing and praying and being silent together in our sadness than they ever could have in a mere silver holder on my table.

I'm so glad those candles were there.

I'm hoping you are finding your connections in this troubled world.