— Bass-baritone —

“A Marvelous Order” : An opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs

  • Williams College : '62 Center for Theatre & Dance 1000 Main Street Williamstown, MA 01267 USA

Music by Judd Greenstein
Libretto by Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Tracy K. Smith
Choreography by Will Rawls
Direction and Animation by Joshua Frankel

Co-produced by Three-Legged Dog and New Amsterdam Presents

This is a story about New York City, and about cities, in general.It’s a story about the people who live in those cities and how the decisions made on their behalf, by those with authority and those who resist that authority, tangibly impact their lives. It’s a story about two brilliant, visionary urban theorists, each of whom turned their theory into practice, and in so doing changed the landscape of New York and the field of urbanism forever. And it’s a story that continues to this day, in New York City and beyond.